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Talks by World Leading Experts 


Live in Canada | March 30, 2024 | 2pm – 8pm

Alexander I. 


Sarah Boughanmi

Wownero Chan

K. Karen 

J. Jeff

Welcome to Nerocon 

Join us for Nerocon, the inaugural gathering that celebrates the fascinating world of privacy-focused cryptocurrencies, Wownero and Monero, and their influential cultures. Scheduled for March 30th, this event pays homage to Wownero’s birthday on April 1st, bridging the rich tapestry of meme culture with the serious undertones of cryptocurrency innovation.

Nerocon is more than just a conference; it’s a vibrant festival that merges the light-hearted world of memes with the profound goals of cryptocurrency. Attendees can look forward to a diverse agenda that includes both whimsical and earnest discussions about Wownero, Monero, the essence of sound money, and the pivotal objectives of the cryptocurrency movement.


What to Expect 

Silly Talks and Serious Conversations

Dive into sessions that oscillate between the entertaining aspects of meme culture within the crypto space and in-depth analyses of privacy, security, and the future of finance.

Artwork and Presentations

 Explore a gallery of creative endeavors inspired by the dynamic world of Wownero and Monero. From digital art to meme-centric presentations.

Roundtables and Discussions

Engage in meaningful dialogues with thought leaders, developers, and enthusiasts.

Celebrating Wownero and Monero

 At the heart of Nerocon is the celebration of Wownero’s birthday and the pioneering spirit of Monero. Discover the milestones, achievements, and future aspirations of these projects.

Who Should Come 

Crypto Enthusiasts

Whether you’re deeply embedded in the world of cryptocurrencies or just starting your journey, Nerocon offers a unique blend of entertainment and education.

Privacy Advocates

 If you value privacy and security in the digital age, Nerocon’s focus on privacy-centric cryptocurrencies will resonate with your principles.

Degen Meme Aficionados

Anyone with an appreciation for the role of memes in shaping communities and conversations around technology will find a like-minded community at Nerocon.

Innovators and Visionaries

If you’re interested in the cutting edge of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and decentralized finance, Nerocon provides a platform to explore in depth.

1 day

6 Speakers

Event Schedule



1:00 pm

Meet and Greet, Coffee 


What the heck is Wownero 



Making Money Sound: XMR and Wownero 

Alexander I


Tacos Break  – Gluten Free Both Meat and Vegetarian Taco Table 


WoW Foundation, Exchange Listings, Funding, Development and Wider Adoption 

Sarah Boughanmi


WoW Labs,“PigeonNet”: A Revolutionary Carrier Pigeon Mesh Network for Offline Anonymous Transactions 

Alexander I


Nero Roundtable Discussion 


Open Floor, Speak to the Community in person or over the Stream


Drinks, Tacos and Music 

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